Man is all imagination, and God is Man. He exists in us and we in him. The eternal body of Man is the imagination and that is God Himself.   -- William Blake

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. -- Nelson Mandela


Practice Daily

The Neko cat of Japan takes the species to a new level in the novel “The Traveling Cat Chronicles” (Hiro Arikawa) where like the very best cats this tale “sneaks up on you and works its way into your heart on its own terms.” Of central concern is friendship and the things we’ll do for the people, or animals, that we love. A reading may engage you to become a mentor to introduce someone into the joys of reading and be inspired to write a Haiku poem for all its benefits.

Neko for Haiku

America's favorite poet, Maya Angelou, tells about Thandi, "Hope" in Ndebele, South Africa, Africa, who found a friend "who won't reveal your secrets" -- a chicken.  Best of all she can draw a straight line with a feather from her chicken.  "My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken and Me"

O l l O O O l l O l l O O O O l O l l l O l O O    Cat  ASCII code

                        Ball Bat Bat Ball Ball Ball . . . . 

"The time to fix the roof when the sun is shining."--John Kennedy -- here at 01 is a hands-on approach to brain health beginning with activities for youth that also help the elders derived from the findings of brain neurologists in functional medicine. Equipping you for the task:  Sharpen skills, give lessons, reach the challenged with the Bible and "The Reading Xpress With OK Reading."


With a few simple hand signs and basic shapes everyone can learn to read and increase their enjoyment of the world.

When you "Let go and let God" your life will begin to flow.

"Take a look at God's wonders--They'll take your breath away.  Psalms 66:5

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A call and Response -- Poet Joy Harjo

There will be no balance without all voices present in the present Circle.

We are making our grandchildren's world with our words.  We perceive a world with our words.  We perceive a world in which everyone sits at the table together, with enough for everyone.

"We will make this country great again."

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